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a row of wind turbines spinning over the water

A Look at Some Common Alternative Energies

As we start to run out of non renewable resources and are faced with pollution problems we must look into new energy source like...
a catamaran sailing with hydrofoils lifting it out of the water

The Evolution Of Sailing

Square sails compared to triangular sails The very first sail boats created were made with square sails but have you ever wondered why we switched...
a sideview of a gas engine going through its four strokes

Features our cars engines need

As fuel prices continuously rise and show no signs of dropping we need are always in constant need for more fuel efficient vehicles. On...
a large steam engine car.

The history of engines

A while ago i saw this video about the evolution of engines. This has interested me for a while and for quite some time...
an arch bridge made out of popsicle sticks

10 science and building projects for kids and teens

Baking soda and vinegar science experiment A classic experiment to do with your young child that will also give them a basis on chemical...
magnets lined up making a rail gun which fire 4 other magnets

Perpetual motion machine made from magnets

Recently i saw this video on youtube of some teens putting a magnet in bewteen many magnets all together in a line. The line...
a stirling engine placed on a hand being powered by the heat provided from the hand

Engine that runs off of heat

Modern internal combustion engines have an efficiency of about 25-30%. Every year car manufacturers come out with small new innovations and technology the increase...

Free energy machine debunked

 Recently on the internet there have been people going around saying they made free energy machines that somehow reuse and create voltage with the...
Alexandria steam engine rotating quickly with a large flame underneath

Alexandria steam engine

  A while ago i ran across a video of an Alexandria steam engine. The Alexandria steam engine was one of the very first engines...

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