Free energy machine debunked


induction Recently on the internet there have been people going around saying they made free energy machines that somehow reuse and create voltage with the use of coils and magnets. Many i have seen (and you can see videos of a few at the bottom) use a coil and a magnet in a design that supposedly creates electricity. In this short piece i will be explaining why what they do cannot work, how they create the illusion of free energy, and the uses for this same technology.


The theory these videos are emulating suggests the energy is created using Lenz’s law. Lenz’s law states that a conductor(copper) in the presence of a changing magnetic field will have a currentelectromagrnetic induction induced into it. In the video they made it seem as if the magnet were creating electricity in the conductor because of their magnetic field. The only reason why that is not actually creating current is because there must be a change in the magnetic field. In other words the magnet must be moving to induce a current into the conductor. However, this would not be perpetual motion because energy would be required to make the magnets move.


This explains why their contraption does not create free energy, but does not explain how the light is powered. The lights they use are AC lights and this is for a good reason. This is because the process they use to relay a current to the light bulb without wires is induction. Similar to the theory discussed before, a current can be induced into a wire if there is a changing magnetic field. This field is invisible hence the lack of wire. The way they do it is they have a coil with an alternating electric current going through it. This coil would be located out of view like under the table or near the device. The alternating current creates an alternating magnetic field and according to Lenz’s law this alternating magnetic field induces a current into the wire making the light illuminate. The magnets are only for show . All that is essential is the coil, the light bulb attached to the coil, and the hidden coil which alternates the magnetic field. With the alternating magnetic field the current alternates too from positive to negative. This creates AC current which the bulbs they used run off of. This same technology is seen in transformers. Transformers have a metal ring with 2 sets of coils around the ring. the coils are located on opposite sides . The difference in the amount of coils on each side changes the current and voltage proportionally to the ratio of the coils on one side to the coils on the other. The only difference between the transformer and the “free energy machine” is that there is no metal bar that the coil wrap around. The metal bar only has the purpose of amplifying the electric field (similar to placing a piece of iron in a coil to create a stronger electromagnet)

Another technology induction is used in is induction stoves. Induction stoves use the same alternating current to induce a magnetic field into a piece of metal. In the case of the induction stoves though, the current is greater ainductionsnd is induced into the iron or steel pan which heats it up because of all the resistance in the iron(it doesn’t heat the copper up because copper has less resistance). The advantage of these induction stoves is that their surfaces do not heat up, they only induce the heat into iron or steel objects. This is also more efficient because the heat does not radiate out of it and simply goes straight into the pan.



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